Looking Out For Evan
Looking Out For Evan
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It hardly seemed a choice. The author and his wife, in their mid-forties with grown children, felt compelled to look after an extraordinary baby boy, Evan, during the last months of his life. The couple’s story is an intimate account of family dynamics and of hospital culture, and of unconditional love in the midst of conflict and mourning. The couple remained vigilant, questioned medical decisions, and involved themselves in Evan’s day-to-day care, while opposing what they saw as a push for extreme experimentation on him.

Through many anecdotes the reader gets to know Evan himself, a little charmer who drew the love and respect of nearly all who knew him. Several observations provide insights into the conflicting interests that Evan’s doctors faced, and into the compassion of many doctors and nurses and the support they provided that went well beyond medical care.

Praise for Looking Out for Evan

This is a classic piece that should be a part of every CPE (clinical pastoral education) course in every seminary throughout the country. And whether a student's direction is parish ministry, or chaplaincy at a hospital, or as a chaplain in an elder setting, this book is made for CPE. It is about family systems. It is about palliative care. It is about advocating. It is about staff/family/patient relationships. It is a reminder of WHY each person is there.
If I were a CPE director, this book would be required reading for every CPE student. If I were a nursing program director this book would be required reading in the intro course. If I were a hospital director, I would want EVERYONE on staff from the doctors to the housekeeping personnel to read this book because we need to be reminded.
Gary Becker, MDiv, Business Owner

The reader comes to know what an extraordinary soul little Evan was and, never once is anyone in the family berated or personally demeaned. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment with all of the obstacles considered.
The most extraordinary thing about this book, however, is how the author portrays others’ agendas. I don’t mean that negatively. He shows just how complicated some of those agendas were without putting anyone down or stripping them of their dignity.
Cathy Troyano, Hospital Social Worker

Even though I knew how the story was going to end, I couldn't put the book down. It reads like a novel. Through the love and support of his family, friends and caregivers, Evan’s time on earth was truly blessed.
Suzann Boylan, Human Resources Vice-President

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